June 10, 2019

Edie & Luke |Downtown Chicago, IL, The Wrigley Building and Oak Street Beach Engagement Photographer

Where do I even begin with Edie and Luke? They are more than just the perfect match—they were meant to be. Not only were they born just 70 miles apart from each other, but they share the exact same birthdate—just down to a few hours apart! They also both chose to attend the same medical school at Loyola University where fate finally brought them together. Now they are living in the city and completing their residencies all while planning a wedding!

Luke proposed to Edie in the most adorable way. While she was sleeping from a long on-call shift he decorated their apartment with balloons and photos of them throughout their relationship. As Edie woke up, she followed the balloons. They trailed throughout the apartment until she came to the end and was met by Luke ready to get down on one knee. Of course she said ”YES!”. He has also arranged for her closest friends and family to meet them in the city that night to celebrate their engagement! Luke did such a great job!

We had the perfect Chicago evening for Edie and Luke’s engagement session. They are city living, wine lovers, so I really enjoyed getting to explore their city with them and have a glass of wine in between! I loved getting to know them more as they prepare to become husband and wife a little later this summer!

Luke makes Edie laugh constantly and their laid back attitudes through the hustle and bustle of city life is so cool to see. My favorite part of the night was going with them to Oak Street Beach to photograph them under the lights of Chicago. The lake was a gorgeous shade of blue against the dusk sky and the city made for 360 degree views. I am ecstatic to work with Edie and Luke again on their wedding day!

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