May 11, 2020

Jessica & Troy | Intimate Spring Lake Springfield, IL Wedding Photographer

Jessica and Troy had a very special wedding day planned for 250 guests at a beautiful local winery. But then COVID-19 happened and shelter-in-place orders began. They quickly had to decide how to proceed with their wedding day and there seemed to be no question that they were ready to get married now.

They opted for a very small ceremony witnessed by their parents and Jessica’s grandmother at her dad’s house, which happens to be on Lake Springfield. It was the most beautiful lakeside ceremony complete with a gorgeous arbor that Jessica’s dad hand-built for her and Troy. The two were able to have a sweet first look and grab some pictures before a large rainstorm blew through, causing the ceremony to delay just a little. But the skies opened up just long enough for them to tie the knot and make it official! Joy never left Jessica and Troy’s faces as they enjoyed every bit of the afternoon.

I am honored to have been a small part in Jessica and Troy’s ceremony and to have gotten the opportunity to share in their special day. Soon, they will get to have the large wedding of their dreams, Troy will wear a tux and Jessica will finally be able to dazzle in her wedding gown. But for now, they chose love and didn’t let anything stop them from it!

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