July 8, 2019

Shea & Ben | Lincoln Park, Springfield, IL Book Lovers Engagement Photographer

Ever since I met Shea and Ben I knew they were going to be such a sweet couple to photograph. They did not disappoint when I met them again for their engagement session. Shea was very nervous at first for photos, but being in Ben’s arms helped to relax her into the awkwardness of being in front of the camera and their combined shyness melted away together. Once we got them laughing and being true nerds together, they shined!

Shea and Ben are huge book lovers and adore their darling kitties Winnie and Hannibal, so we took to their living room for part of their session to include both. The cats did not want much to do with me, but allowed me to snap a few quick photos and Shea and Ben’s impressive book collection made for some amazing props.

I loved everything about hanging out with Shea and Ben. They are both so laid back and adorably cute together. I simply cannot wait for their Spring wedding next year!

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