I am a chaser of light, a moment protector and an imagery artist.

When I am not capturing those very special moments, I spend my time with an incredible man who makes me laugh until I cry. I am a fur momma for life. I believe a house is not a home until paw prints paint the floors. I cry at most movies, especially the romantic ones and sometimes I snort when I laugh (mostly at my own jokes). Editing days consist of Dr. Pepper and take-out, while days off require country drives and visiting local wineries to listen to live music and see the landscape for miles. Hands down one of the best parts about Central Illinois. 

my story

Hey there - I'm Kate!

My Story

Growing up, my dad was an organizer: the garage, our living room, the bedrooms and his basement. We constantly had a new “Feng Shui” to our home, as he would re-arrange the furniture when he needed a change. In the 25 years that I grew up in our family home only one thing remained in the same spot - the photo albums. My parents kept our memories tucked in a basket in the living room for us to reminisce. My parents acting crazy through their college years (they’re high school sweethearts), my older sister holding me when I came home from the hospital, the traditional Christmas morning photo of our reaction to all of the presents - all of these memories I would have otherwise forgotten. My parent’s wedding album was my favorite to flip through. After over 35 years of marriage, it is heartwarming to look at the images and see what an amazing relationship starts from - and how important it was to have someone there to capture those special moments.

As a photographer, I aim to capture the connections between people. More importantly the love between two people, the friends that surround them and the family that holds them close to their hearts. I have a passion for weddings. I want to tell a story through my art and encourage others to share this story for years to come. I want my clients to look back on their photos and remember every part of the day, to hear the laughs, smell the flowers from their bouquet, and feel each kiss.

In 2010, I received an Associates Degree in Photography from Nossi College of Art in Nashville, TN. I loved learning my trade in the south, but ultimately I came back to my roots to build my business. I began my career photographing friends and family from my small town, however these days I love to meet new people, get to know them in every way and capture the most important days of their lives.

I love family.

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- fun facts -

you might not know

I have seen every Harry Potter movie.. 25 times - I also own Hermione's wand. Wingardium Leviosa!

My boyfriend, Dustin, is a coal miner, family farm hand and personal handyman for all of my little projects.

I love to decorate our home with artwork, plants, furniture and any seasonal decoration - I would do anything for an HGTV show!

I have an obsession with Scentsy. I love adding new scents to my warmer and filling the whole house with aroma based on the season.

My favorite time of day is sunset - which also coincides with happy hour on the back deck, right?

Sangria is my cocktail of choice.

I am a homebody most of the time - but I love to travel when I am not in the thick of wedding season!

My dogs Kirby and Jake bring me so much joy - even though they take up a lot of space in the bed!

I have an angel baby, named Cecilia, who is always looking down on me.

Think we could become best friends? I would love to hear from you to help plan your big day and capture it all through my lens!

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