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I am Kate. A dog momma, daughter, sister, aunt and loving girlfriend. I am a chaser of light, a moment protector and an imagery artist. I love Harry Potter, country drives and a tall glass of sangria - red please! Read More...

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December 2, 2020

Jackie and Loren knew each other in high school, but it was fate that brought them together later on in life during a game night of all things. These two have a serious affection for gaming and their wedding day was a reflection of that. From swords to magic cards, to personalized gifts to each […]

November 25, 2020

I just knew from the get-go that Aimee and Kyle were going to be a blast to work with. I photographed Kyle’s step-brother’s wedding (who is also married to one of my amazing second shooters, Jordan) and Kyle was a complete riot to have around! His fiance, Aimee is equally as funny and truly puts […]

November 21, 2020

What an amazing day Cody and Alyssa had! They seriously could not have picked a more beautiful October day for their wedding and even though they had to cut their guest list a bit due to restrictions, it turned out absolutely perfect! Cody and Alyssa met online when Cody mustered up the courage to message […]

November 20, 2020

Hanging out with Jessi and John was like hanging out with two old friends! They are the kind of people that welcome you with huge smiles and a cooler of cold ones haha! Jessi told me beforehand that I would have my work cut out for me since John towers about a foot and a […]

November 13, 2020

I have been looking forward to Kristi and Nick’s wedding day for a long time! These two have been my friends for a few years now and I was so excited when they got engaged! We had quite the windy day for Kristi and Nick’s big day, but neither of them let it bother them […]

November 11, 2020

I have known Lanie for awhile now and I have always admired her sweet attitude about everything and how she always has a huge smile on her face. When I got to meet Ryan I instantly knew they were perfect for each other because his smile never seemed to leave his face either. These two […]

November 10, 2020

Carmen and Shannon had the most beautiful, intimate wedding day. They were surrounded by their closest friends and family and even though they had to make some cuts and do things differently, I think it turned out so special and so perfect! Carmen got to spend the morning relaxing with the girls in her life […]

November 2, 2020

I got the enormous honor of photographing Sam and Dylan’s engagement back in the Summer when Dylan’s mom reached out to me and asked me if I would hide in the bushes at Washington Park to capture it. I think my heart was racing as fast as Dylan’s was because I wanted so badly for […]

October 30, 2020

Jake is a friend of Dustin’s and earlier this year I got to meet his girlfriend (at the time), Madison. She was so sweet and down-to-Earth. I was so excited when I saw her and Jake got engaged and even more excited when she reached out to ask me to be their photographer! Jake and […]

October 29, 2020

I have known Ashley for a very long time and I have gotten to see her over the years for her twin sister’s photo sessions where she helps to wrangle her niece! Ashley has a heart for helping and she is always around to lend a hand. I was so excited for her to finally […]


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